OZ On Line

We have several offerings, OZE Domains for domain names hosting and email. OZ Leads for setting up landing pages to attract customers to your business. OZE Bots for creating chatbots to automate part of your sales process.

Our Story

OZ On Line has been around since the beginning, we started retailing in 1986, were on the internet in the mid 90’s.  our first domain was ozol.com and ozol.com.au, aol was taken by America On Line If your interested AOL has one of the biggest stables on the internet.  https://www.oath.com/our-brands/

Meet the Divisions of OZ On Line

We look after your web real estate assets.

Colin Dixon

Founder & CEO

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I’m good just donating blood 🙂

OZE Domains

Websites Email $ Domain Registration


All the tricky DNS and IP stuff looked after.

Next Steps…

If you would like a free PDF about chat bots or just to find out more Send me a Message.

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